Inside/Outcast: The Costume Designer.

No one embodies New Orleans like costume designer Elizabeth Zibilich. She takes the city’s vast, deep history and fastens it around her shoulders like a vintage mink. She dips her fingers in old world beauty and uses its charms to rouge her cheeks. That intense, fragrant smell hanging heavy in the air could be coming […]

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I know what it means to miss Tatooine: Finding new hope with the help of an old friend.

Little kid Aislynn couldn’t wrap her head around Obi Wan Kenobi’s death in Star Wars: A New Hope. “Defend yourself, Ben! Darth is gonna get you!” “Oh my god.¬†Why are you smiling?!” “HOLY SHIT WHERE DID YOU GO.” One yowling “NOOOOO!” from Luke and a dramatic, heart-wrenching crescendo later, and my sassy, old man life […]

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