Born into wealth and privilege, I turned to a life of fighting crime after witnessing the brutal murder of my beloved parents. Criminals fear me. I find comfort in shadows. I am justice. I am the night.

No. That’s Batman.

Let’s try again.

I was a surgeon, no, I was THE surgeon. A talented doctor ruled by arrogance and unwavering confidence in my perceived invulnerability and superiority. When a devastating car accident left me little use of my once famous hands, I set forth on a quest to restore my abilities. To my astonishment, I instead found redemption, and a cause worth fighting – even dying – for. I am Sorcerer Supreme, and I have saved your life twice in the time it took to write this paragraph.

Nope. Totally Doctor Strange.

I was entirely created by midichlorians while my mother vacationed in a lovely Tatooinian villa courtesy of her gracious employers, the Hutts.

Once more, with FEELING!!

My name is Aislynn, but I respond to anything that remotely sounds like it (Allison, Assland, Album, Iceland, etc…). Despite the familiarity, I was not named after a lion obsessed with children and closets. Born in sunny Southern California, with a brief 16 year stopover in New Orleans, my lifelong fashion obsession has weathered such storms as extreme tomboyishness (ever stuff the September issue of Vogue into a pleather bag covered in Kyuss stickers? Me neither), extreme poverty, illness (not the sexy kind), a teeny tiny hurricane, and 10 years or so of crushing panic attacks every time I attempted something new. Because finding yourself can be pretty difficult when you have yet to embrace your own oddities. I’m 38. I came to terms with all my weird at 34. Always been a late bloomer.


After much trial and error, essays seem to be the best way for my fractured mind to make sense of all the jumbled bits of information passing through at any given time. From odd, grade school crushes, to my feeling on the latest episode of The Walking Dead, Urban Rogue is my attempt to find a path through the insanity fog.

From rants on life within the retail world, to delusional attempts at screenwriting (spoiler: I’M TERRIBLE!), this here blog is a front row seat to a gal using humor as a viking shield while waves of of weird spiny monsters attack from the haunted forest (that’s basically Beowulf, right?).

So have a looksy around Urban Rogue. You might just learn a thing or two*.

*Kidding. Even I haven’t learned anything.


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