My Half-Robot Boyfriend

When teenage lust meets bio-engineering, the results are sexy and uncomfortable. Oh tiny, half-robot man, with your body of blinky lights, random hoses, and bits of lego, how I longed for your cold half-robot gaze. Maybe it was the way the light danced across your cheekbones, hinting at the half mechanical wonders hidden within. The […]

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Pink Elephants in the brain: Change is hard, guys.

My life is a flurry of animated drunk montages. All pink elephants and swirly colors and giant, laughing faces. I’m not constantly inebriated, but I may as well be. Because life altering decisions, like purchasing an expensive vitamin regime on Amazon after too much pinot noir, are governed by regret, shame, and confusion. I wake […]

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RESPAWN: Starting over at 38

Urban Rogue and the case of the slightly early midlife crisis! My colorful soul-searching had some boulder issues, like Wile E. Coyote , and fell head first into a fathoms deep misery well several months ago. A bullshit well full of hobo piss and orc vomit. Sure, I tried to climb out a couple of times, […]

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